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Reprieve Soul coffee breaks. a coffee break for my soul is what i'm starting to think of my time between work. and it is a reprieve from obligations and responsibilities of work that is not always productive-at least tangibly, but... Continue Reading →


Survive when i think of survival i think of endurance and of choice-i.e. choosing to get up, choosing to participate in life while i am still alive. maybe this means more to me because i work through depression and anxiety... Continue Reading →


Impression getting back into the swing of things after traveling across the country and back again. fleeting moments and many good memories leftover after such a long time away from home. even though it was 13 days it seemed longer... Continue Reading →


Pursue i like this word, it's very purposeful and full of action, of accomplishment. maybe, it's easier to write about accomplishment and doing something than it is to admit that i'm very much in a recuperative, waiting stage of my... Continue Reading →

temporary tempo

Temporary   it is very easy to forget that there are such few things that last. and for me, it's easy to let that happen because i don't like being reminded that death is coming for us all. i think... Continue Reading →


<a href="">Bitter</a>   son of a gun. how do they always find me? it's just too real. and precisely because i do not want to write about this word is the one reason i absolutely need to. to be quite... Continue Reading →


<a href="">None</a> an empty, cavernous space where something should be. this word is hard to write about much less describe. can you know "none"? it seems like none is one of those words that has to be explained in term... Continue Reading →


<a href="">Control</a>   wonderful-my favorite topic to actively be in denial about. i spend too much of my time worrying about how any given situation might play out-that i'm exhausted trying to plan and accommodate for any eventuality that i... Continue Reading →

10 life lessons

what are 10 life lessons you've learned so far? always take time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. it's never as good if you rush it or the conversation that goes with it. learn to trust yourself with... Continue Reading →

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