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Illusion waking up in the soft fuzzy after-glow of summer sleep on a Saturday/Sabbath day. feeling nostalgic for memories of places i've been to and some i haven't. am reminded of childhood playdates with green grass badminton, lightning fast reflexes... Continue Reading →


Commit this word makes me shudder with anxiety. it's simultaneously boring and aspirational. will i ever commit to anything? i guess i've committed to non-commitment. HAHA! always waiting around to see what's better has proven to have some significant drawbacks.... Continue Reading →


Paper like the paper that says when i started to exist and papers that mark my knowledge and discipline and what i can do, what i'm allowed to do. paper guiding me to pursue. and question. thin slices, creating layer... Continue Reading →


Puncture oy, been wondering if i'll feel the same about life at 40 that i do right now. and maybe in some ways i do want to feel the same way, of possibilities on the horizon of days filled with... Continue Reading →


Taper as usual i find my patience for injustices tapering off slowly but surely. i have an explosion of righteous indignation about once every hour or so i've noticed. my most recent one was at the cost of renewing my... Continue Reading →


Volume what comes to mind is hair, buoyant, voluminous, luxurious hair. apparently, it's an ingrained "beauty" standard. i'm putting beauty in quotes because i don't believe in just one definition of what is beautiful, sometimes you need to do work... Continue Reading →


Triumph i want to get here. i tend to see triumph as a place more than anything else. a place that i don't often reach because i'm too much of a perfectionist [in some things HAHA! spelling and grammar are... Continue Reading →


Tender i'm not really interested in being included in the mainstream of society. i like the fringes, the weirdos, the freaks, the underdogs. i don't know if it's because i myself do not feel fully included, or if i feel... Continue Reading →


Crisp crisp as the leaves in autumn falling on the sidewalk. reminds me of learning and possibilities and opportunities. i want to carry crisp with me everywhere i go even in the heat of a summer, suffocating neurons and synapses... Continue Reading →

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