puttering along

so i guess, i've just been living in the in-between spaces. where it's hard to find the dimensions that match what i'm feeling. i had about a month ago completed deleted into oblivion...actually i really did obliviate it, my manuscripts i had been working on since i was in high school? i was relieved when... Continue Reading →



Mallet this is a vigorous word, good grief. it's kind of the opposite of my personality which is more subdued and laid-back....extremely laid back, until i'm not. hmm-i gotta look this one up, i'm not finding much inspiration in it today. even less now that i looked up the definition, which is highly unusual for... Continue Reading →


oi, i'm tired. i'm just exhausted. i'm tired of wanting things i can't have and being told to just change my perspective, as if that solves all of it. just changing how i think about it. so i guess i could just give in and recognize that things don't turn out and then i'll suddenly... Continue Reading →


Radiant good choice to the massacre that was yesterday. and then i realize what time of the month it is for me and have to laugh...because PMDD is such a loyal companion to me. it never leaves. HAHAHA!!! hmmm-radiant. i admire how my friend was absolutely radiant this afternoon. i like seeing people aglow with... Continue Reading →


Toxic oh my word, this word could not have been better chosen than if i had picked it myself to describe my recent experiences of learning. today was rough. i did not sleep well last night, tho i'm beginning to wonder what sleeping well actually means. does anyone know what that means? i feel like... Continue Reading →


Micro what are you supposed to do with this one?! micro...micro, micro, like micro-wave. HAHAHA a very tiny hand wave. i like that. that's super cute. i'm imagining a little baby doll hand waving...hmmm-that makes it creepy, interesting. also, am just realizing that i can be super passive aggressive in how i talk to people.... Continue Reading →


Inefficient oh wow, and now i'm crashing. i had a superb spicy mocha, i don't want to say the real name of it because then you'll think my town is super redneck, but i love my town and it was called a mayan mocha. yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh.....buddy. and it was divine. and it was just so inefficient.... Continue Reading →


Swallow these are really flighty birds. and there's also something deadly about them too i've noticed. i'd never want to be on the wrong side of a swallow but then again who would know what the right side is? also, coffee without milk is ... different. i'm trying to depuff and it's just so hard,... Continue Reading →


Faceless you know that saying, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"? well, i've always thought that a mind is a terrible thing to have. and i think that mostly has to do with the fact that i over-analyze absolutely everything. i would just once like to know how "the normals" do it. how... Continue Reading →

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