Patience this has become the anthem to my life. the slow learning of waiting. the solitude that occurs in the gaps of life lived. but i think what i've been missing is that life is always lived. and sometimes i see it more clearly than at other times. i saw a beautiful idea the other... Continue Reading →



Incubate i used to dream that i was free and now i know i am. maybe it's just getting through the winter each year that shows me i am more than this current darkness. and that can really be applied to the world at large. living in a country that openly supports a racist, bigoted,... Continue Reading →


Suddenly suddenly, that rush of traffic passing me as i look over my shoulder and realize i am the last one coming up this road. and that's not unusual. what is unusual is to have it be the same road that everyone else is on. i can almost never find that road. and it's not... Continue Reading →



Wonder i wonder why the only feelings i feel are the ones that are the deep, aching ones. the feelings that rip and bend and tear through until even the shreds can't feel anything anymore so they sew themselves back together because the agony of being torn apart is this craving, this secret ecstasy. the... Continue Reading →



Typical but what is these days anyhow? this weekend has been full to the brim as i wait for a certain blessed event to occur so i can finally get relief. ahhhh-lady joys. always a fun time. and now today, there is that unsettled feeling of being slightly askew, almost there yet still not quite... Continue Reading →



Messy this word is just perfectly, perfect right now. i feel such a mess. and it's not hot, at all. it's not a cute look for me, but it's really hilarious tho. this might as well be the theme word for today, my one day off. a day that i've been forcing myself to enjoy... Continue Reading →



i sat atop a shifting sea wondering about the creature i c.o.u.l.d. be only to realize it was already c.h.o.s.e.n. for me



Sympathize this is a syrupy word. often misused, forced to take the place of pity when it's so much bigger than someone feeling sorry for you. who wants to be made to feel sorry for someone? why do we stuff words into sizes we can understand, and then miss the entire point? i don't like... Continue Reading →



Silhouette i see the silhouette of the day, leaning against curving hills coming up and running over, spilling over a slim horizon of anchored light. and i...i am stranded, left leaning on greys and leftover musings. i sidle through with purposeful neglect at the importance of words left unsaid. i see the silhouette of door... Continue Reading →


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