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Local i have mixed feelings about this word. is it better to be a local or a wanderer? i still cannot answer this. local is warm waffles in cozy diners on rainy sundays, chatting with the waiter who knows you... Continue Reading →


Underestimate i found this draft gem from over a year ago. huh- i like this word. that feeling of not quite measuring up not because of what i've done but because of what other people have thought i'm capable of... Continue Reading →


Trance i woke up in a trance, without knowing it i had put on my flip flops and wandered into the bathroom to get ready for the day. and then i wondered, "why do i need flip flops now? how... Continue Reading →


Perfume daily prompt april 29, 2017 i think this was a word of the day a few months back, i have since lost the link to it. i have quite a few drafts that i've started and haven't been ready... Continue Reading →


Cling there are many things i cling to for far too long. like the what ifs of how i could have handled a situation differently, like differently was somehow better than what i did do. or how i'll cling to... Continue Reading →

bye bye blackbird

I'm ready to let go, I've been holding on too much to people who just are no good for me. I expect too much from them from everyone and I will never get from them what I actually need. i... Continue Reading →


Recite reciting the notes i've memorized for months in a golden, cavernous auditorium, ears listening, can they hear the missing tones, the ones i promised not to forget but that have jumped out and declared mutiny to the shaky fingers... Continue Reading →


Solitary i begin to like these moments alone more and more, garage door closing, hermetically sealing the house from intruders, and the air feels different, still, expectant, blowing fan clicks, spinning, sorting particles, dispersing billows of thoughts into empty rooms.... Continue Reading →


Foggy foggy seems to run rampant thru my head all the time. i'm trying to think of a time when i was clear headed but clear headed by myself without the help of caffeine. hmmm. still thinking. maybe the issue... Continue Reading →

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