Catch up and check in

Hello all! I hope you've been well and enjoying life! I wanted to give an update about where I'm at so far with the using what I have challenge. And I am at a reflection point. I had a learning experience this past week where I was in old navy (spoiler alert-i caved and bought... Continue Reading →

Moderate success

1) I did not cave in and purchase some very cute old navy bicycle shorts with pockets. But it was really hard!!! 2) I packaged up all but one of my old phones to turn them into be recycled by gadgetgone. And that feels really good because I'd had some of those phones for well... Continue Reading →

Day 3

The inspiration for doing this has been bubbling under the surface for a while now. Mostly to do with slowing down and resisting being caught up with consuming so much. And to get away from the habit I have of stress shopping. What started with me not wanting to buy anymore clothes than what I... Continue Reading →


i sometimes wonder how people don't talk about what they're feeling. i do this too much-not talk about what i want to talk about. i struggle between keeping the peace and saying my piece. and what it means to disagree with someone you care for. over and over again. or maybe not disagree but it's... Continue Reading →

adults are idiots

also, now that i've just completely let myself go with the whole ranting stream of consciousness experience tonight, i really have to say that i don't buy for a damn second that adults are smarter than kids. they're not. and all the lectures and advice they give is just complete bullshit. and i say it's... Continue Reading →

side eyes

i am a little overly suspicious. a lifetime of constantly questioning and second-guessing my surroundings and the people who occupy those spaces wears on me from time to time. coping mechanisms, tricks of the trade, survival tools all of these hang on even though i am safe now. mostly. LOL! it's hard to let go... Continue Reading →


i think all we're really looking for is to love and be loved. i keep living so hard and fast that i get burned out. i don't really want to live my life working to pay bills. why is this way of living seen as virtuous and the highest good you can do for society?... Continue Reading →

i keep thinking that my generation is one of the last ones. and we almost had not choice in the matter. i am at the point where i'm tired of trying to convince anyone about anything anymore. it's so fruitless because none of us enjoy or look to see the ways in which we have... Continue Reading →

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