Sting sting is like the truth of something you'd rather not know about. the comfortable floating that led you straight to the center of what you had been avoiding. it's the hot breath on the back of your neck, oppressive and thick, sumptuous and vulgar. sting is a the sharp crack of lemon on a... Continue Reading →



Pamper this almost seems like a dirty word and i don't know if that's because i associate it with diapers, which are literally dirty, or because i've unfortunately fallen under the spell of the puritan patriotism that is rotting my beloved country from its core outward, the mentality that you're not supposed to take the... Continue Reading →


Thorny tricky, sticky situations, like how i've already spent so much time trying to put security freezes on information i didn't consent to be used in the first place. the irony is not lost on me. i always love some good irony in life, unless it's too real and then it gets hard to grin... Continue Reading →


Lurch lurching, stop and go, biding time until things make sense and then i can move forward. it reminds me of lurch from the addams family tv show, big and bumbling and loving. always open to life and taking it at his speed. and i'm still continuing. i feel i might be moving towards being... Continue Reading →


Elevate this summer has been a long, hard one i think. for a lot of people. i keep seeing all these floods, hurricanes and the wildfires that are in my neck of the woods and it just seems like this summer has been very full. very trying. it can be difficult to plan when you're... Continue Reading →


Portion [side-ways glance] what am i supposed to do with this word? like how i hate the saying God never gives you more than you can handle. i don't think this is true at all, i think we're given things in life because of how other people's choices have ripple ramifications that can echo far... Continue Reading →


Educate educate versus knowing intrinsically versus knowledge from just living life versus wisdom. different, the same? i love that saying the more i know the less i understand because it's so true, the more i think i know the more i realize i don't know anything at all hardly. and what i think i know... Continue Reading →


Critical goodness, sometimes it's just hard to get started on some of these words. i was making cookies earlier today, that's done now, all i'm working on now is marinara sauce. i had started a post about it being critical to get all the levels of flavor right for the sauce. and then i erased... Continue Reading →


Priceless I'm feeling this overwhelming sense of well-being. of being taken care of, and being able to take care of other people. of wanting to allow myself to do both of those things. because the funny thing about depression is that it takes away that feeling of wanting to be loved and of wanting to... Continue Reading →

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