the only option

To say that suicide is not the only option diverts from the real issue and only seeks to blame the person who chose suicide. What is needed is a conversation about why someone chooses that over life and then ask yourself what did I do to contribute to their view and experience of life that... Continue Reading →



i've been thinking quite a bit about how we're all so bad about talking about what's really important. we avoid it like the plague. maybe, because talking about it challenges our views of ourselves, forces us to confront our own power and lack of initiative in changing things that should have been changed a long... Continue Reading →


just sitting here, searching for contentment. and i realize it's right there in that tree just blowing through yellow leaves that are turning deep green. i just sit here and realize i have already been immersed in a deep contentment because i can enjoy being right here, right now. and i can let that nagging... Continue Reading →


i walked right into a really strong wind today. it had started off as a pleasant summer stroll, except it's only April but well global warming...and then as i'm rounding a street corner and coming over the hill a gust rose up to meet me. unexpected and i kept walking and about 30 minutes later... Continue Reading →


Elaborate oh my goodness this is a good one. i always feel so miffed that no one understands me but then i honestly have to ask myself, ummm girl, did you actually take the time to elaborate about yourself before coming to that conclusion? and most of the time i did not. i just don't... Continue Reading →

puttering along

so i guess, i've just been living in the in-between spaces. where it's hard to find the dimensions that match what i'm feeling. i had about a month ago completed deleted into oblivion...actually i really did obliviate it, my manuscripts i had been working on since i was in high school? i was relieved when... Continue Reading →


Mallet this is a vigorous word, good grief. it's kind of the opposite of my personality which is more subdued and laid-back....extremely laid back, until i'm not. hmm-i gotta look this one up, i'm not finding much inspiration in it today. even less now that i looked up the definition, which is highly unusual for... Continue Reading →


oi, i'm tired. i'm just exhausted. i'm tired of wanting things i can't have and being told to just change my perspective, as if that solves all of it. just changing how i think about it. so i guess i could just give in and recognize that things don't turn out and then i'll suddenly... Continue Reading →

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