Conversation at the risk of sounding like a pretentious one i was literally just having a conversation about this topic...conversation. hmmm. and when i look for a way to relax now i find myself seeking opportunities to read, write and talk with kindred spirits. and i'm really glad i'm discovering that now rather than later.... Continue Reading →



Finally Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Finally is deliciously simple nothing more to say nothing less to know. Finally is the end that leads to new beginnings and the silent non-answer that soothes the soul. Finally is the last bite, the faint smile, the absolved wish that leads me back to where I had left off in... Continue Reading →


Almost good word. the let off feeling of nearly being accomplished, nearly being done only to discover there are five more hours of work ahead of me even if there are now five more hours behind. the need to be there now and the realization that now is now and later will come, but rushing... Continue Reading →


Bliss the utter agony of ecstasy. like a blindingly, bright piercing that cuts through my body, the sensation of painful delight. why are they so close and yet stepping off the razor's edge is immediate and consuming. how can i know only by the presence, but also only by the absence. delightful and elusive, always... Continue Reading →


Silent the most powerful word spoken and the one that is not spoken at all are sometimes the same thing. i'm beginning to realize the power of a voice used well. and it means more when i refrain from speaking so that when i actually am saying something it comes out louder in the spaces... Continue Reading →


Theory it's getting to be a habit with me now. i think that my whole life is a theory of "will this actually work?" i keep testing it everyday. every time i get out of bed, pushing the outer limits of how many more times can i do the same thing over again? there goes... Continue Reading →


Elegance perfect, so i guess we're doing the whole things that i'm the opposite of. elegance, i think of this word as i ruthlessly shove mound-fulls of chocolate cake into my mouth. and i really don't apologize for that imagery. i love cake and i love eating things. soooo what am i gonna do? hmmm-i... Continue Reading →


Jolly filed under words i want to punch in the face. just know i did not wake up this salty i actually had a wonderful day planned for myself of going to go write and study and that was foiled by humanity, moving en masse to the place i was hoping to find some solitude... Continue Reading →


i guess before i go to sleep tonight, which for me means laying here for another four to five hours, hopefully only that long before careening off a steep cliff into slumberland, i wanted to reconnect with the day. i got up so early...9:50am today. i was laughing out loud because i found this meme... Continue Reading →

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