the writing is inside of me so when i’m asked to admit whether or not i like to write-why do i hesitate afraid of what people think of me, when i can so freely admit so many other things about myself. it is unending learning-frustrating and liberating. so going forward i want to get my writing down-i want to practice more-i want to feel it more. so i’m going to start doing a daily writing prompt-at least for the next month to see where it goes. and with that being said:

my writing prompt for today:

from the daily post blog

write about the most precious thing you’ve lost

oh my goodness, not a heavy topic at all. oh man. well without going into specifics, although maybe that’s the point…i feel like the most precious thing i’ve lost has been my innocence. that being said-innocence is not something that has to stay lost. i don’t always know what it’s made up of but i do know that i feel pieces of it coming back to me and it usually happens when i open myself up again to loving someone and to trusting someone, even if it’s only for a moment. so innocence is ephemeral and it is strong, it’s tenacious and fragile because a lot of what i see as innocence is really a denying of that bitterness and cynicism that creeps up and instead an embracing of hope. innocence is trusting.