In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Honorific.”

If you could pick one person to be commemorated on a day dedicated to him/her alone, who would you choose?

merp. complete writers block now commencing…i don’t really like the idea of honoring an individual, it seems like you’re taking something that should be sacred and making it really profane. humans shouldn’t be honored. lol. but i guess the Bible does say to honor your father and your mother. so i had to look up what it meant to honor, because to me commemorate and honor are synonyms. let me go look up commemorate.

honor: i guess in its most basic definition it means to give respect to. in its most exalted definition it means to worship. so i guess it’s up for interpretation.

commemorate: to serve as a reminder. hmmm so i guess it doesn’t even really have to do with an individual because you could commemorate an event, a memory, a lesson you learned.

i still don’t think i would commemorate anyone though. if i absolutely had to choose it would have to be someone who was very self-sacrificing and compassionate with a lot of integrity. this question is very hard for me to answer though because it seems very narcissistic.

added 7/19/15


as an addendum to this, i feel that when i first wrote this post i was unintentionally bitter and pedantic. to be quite honest i sometimes wish for more honor than i’ve earned myself. and i think i had just read about some wonderful person who had just turned 18 and already earned a nobel prize 😉 and was feeling sorry for myself and my “lack” of accomplishments.

this whole week i have been thinking about this, what it means to honor. and i think it can mean a few things. and i believe i took it to only mean the sacred instead of what this prompt intended as respect and appreciation for something meaningful a person has done. something purposeful and impactful that has changed people’s lives for the better. and i can honor the good i see someone doing. and i am definitely and profoundly effected by the good i see others doing in the world today.

i just needed to be clear.