In response to The Daily post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”

What was ur favorite book as a child and did it influence who u are now?

I really love a lot of books as a child and don’t have a favorite.  I enjoyed the chronicles of narnia, roald Dahl books especially George’s marvelous medicine. And there was this really good book I read about this French girl who walked on a high wire that I still have I think called marrette on the high wire. And this cat book when I was a baby about two cats just watching the sun all day which made me kind of melancholy to read because they were just sitting there watching their lives go by.

So maybe that book has influenced me because I don’t want to just sit back and not live my life. That is something I struggle against.

I think the books I enj oyed the most were big adventures and self discovery books because I think life is like that and it helped to know that other people had challenges and it was good to see what they did to overcome them. Those a re the kinds of books I enjoy and that influence me.