It’s already shaping up to be a very long week. It’s hard to please everyone yet I still seem to try. Why?  Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. Whether to move or stay or keep going because it’s getting into the time of year where I’m forced to make a reckoning with the choices of my life. And maybe that’s dramatic, but I always feel that pull in fall and winter to pick up stakes and move. The fact that I’ve been so long here is quite unusual. Maybe that’s my frustration, I want everything right now and a lot of the aspects about my work with seniors takes a lot of time and consistent effort. It’s like rolling a log up a mountain some days. And I’m not that patient all the time. I’m very goals oriented with tunnel vision and task checking. On to the next. That’s helped me through a lot of things to be so focused but now I think I need to let those reigns go a little bit now. It’s just too frustrating to be able to see how things could be done and have to bear witness to the chaos because I’ve made the assumption that other people work like I do. And I create chaos too so why fight it so much.