i’m going to go look this word up actually, even though i’m a word-avore.

ay-this word has two meanings-one of which is super technical and boring as all get-out. so i’m skipping that one.

the first definition i do at least once a day, probably more and don’t even realize it-to overlook something by mistake. sometimes i don’t do it by mistake tho-like if i’m eating chips i “forget” to count how many i’ve eaten so i don’t have to log it on my food app.


this word tho…

i think it’s because all i can think about right now is the delicious pizza i ordered and how it’s going to take 1 hour to get here because EVERYone is ordering pizza at the same time, from the same store and all i had for lunch was soup and salad. it’s hard being a lady.

i wish i could oversight that sometimes.