this is actually a very timely word for how i’m feeling today-knackered, but you know i don’t think i’ve ever written with this word before. it seems very british to me and i had a hard time relating to what it actually means so i am looking it up:

past tense: knackered; past participle: knackered
tire (someone) out; exhaust.
“you look absolutely knackered”
damage severely.

late 16th century (originally denoting a harness-maker, then a slaughterer of horses): possibly from obsolete knack ‘trinket’ The word also had the sense ‘old worn-out horse’ (late 18th century). It is unclear whether the verb represents a figurative use of ‘slaughter,’ from the noun sense, or of ‘castrate,’ from a slang sense of the noun, ‘testicles.’ (definition acquired from Google search engine)

and yes i am severely damaged. HAHA! classic british. containing a multitude of emotions in such a seemingly innocuous sounding word. i think i would be hard pressed to find someone who is not knackered at least a little bit, from all that life spits out at us. my curiosity is how to maintain a joy of life throughout it all. is it just about enjoying the simple pleasures? not spending energy worrying about the future, past, present? are men more knackered than women or vice versa? are we all equally knackered with all the aspects of struggle and challenges and opportunities we are dealt?

hmm-as usual more questions than answers. but i am trying to get back that life simpleness of being able to enjoy what is most important. but what is most important?