i’ve had my eye out for quite a while for some egg-yolk yellow and ivory yarn. i like when the yarn is more than one color so i can create patterns in the scarves i knit. i have very basic knitting skills. mostly i can make it if it’s in one straight line. i do try different knit patterns though with how to use pearling and knitting to make different shapes in the yarn as i’m knitting scarves or blankets.

just recently, i figured out that even if i only knit in one long line i can connect it at the end with yarn to make infinity scarves which look very professional…surprisingly! it’s funny how you can be doing the same thing for years and suddenly have a new insight about it after so long. the brain is odd. why did it realize this at that particular moment? what was the trigger for finally understanding how to connect the yarn in a circle? i don’t know.

i’ve been a knitter for over 15 years now. really rocking those scarves this whole time. i might try a sweater soon. i have knit a sweater vest which was not too difficult.

i’ll still be looking for that yellow and white yarn though.