Have to start over again. i can’t remember what i first wrote about perfume. i do have to say tho that i absolutely love perfume! i love all the smells it has, all the different moods and feelings it invokes based on where you are both in space and in time.

smell is powerful-more powerful than i realize sometimes. and so many things have smells to them. i remember wearing a certain perfume on purpose while i was on vacation so later when i smelled it it would make me think of that place and bring back good memories. deep, saturated memories of hot, humid sidewalks, sun-baked clothes and dry, dirty feet. and the perfume i wore to remember this by was called “sweet pea”-innocent and luscious. i still love that scent. but more because of how it reminds me of certain places and how i felt about them then.

and now i’ve moved on to more enigmatic smells. c’est la vie.

it seems to me too that seasons have a perfume. i can always tell when it’s changing into the next one. there’s a movement implied with perfume-it takes you places as you take it places.