i just signed up for blogging fundamentals and i have been tasked with writing about who i am and why i’ve decided to blog. i have not really taken the time to get instructions on blogging, i jumped in head first when i first started this blog and have not been regular about my posts at all so my goal is to learn more about the blogging process and have helpful reminders to blog more frequently.

it’s easier to answer these questions when i re-frame it in terms of “the blog”. I am a writer and lover of the well-turned phrase. writing is very therapeutic for me as a creative outlet and i enjoy the community i have here expressing different ideas through words. i am here to practice my writing and learn from my fellow bloggers. i like to write short stories and poetry and have been a little out of practice lately so my goal is improving that.

i write mainly from my life experiences or if i find an idea particularly interesting i’ll explore that through blogging. it helps me think through things to write about them. i’m excited to take this blogging university course provided by the daily post. “let the wild rumpus begin!” as dr. suess says.