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i am an apprentice to a lot of things. the times in my life where i feel like i’ve truly mastered a subject or occupation are few and far between and i’ve been thinking that’s a really great thing. because in all honesty, can someone really, truly master something? it’s pretty arrogant to think you’ve learned all you can on a certain subject, also i don’t think that’s possible. there always seems to be something else to learn if i look for it.

although, if i always remain an apprentice there’s no progression there. i can see where, in some areas of work, that people have been kept in low wage positions forced to stay because they don’t have the support to leave and look for better work. but a true apprentice will be able to “pay their dues” and then move forward with more knowledge and skills to get a decent paying job. what is a decent paying job these days? HAHA! i hardly know anymore except that it’s my firm belief that the current minimum wage in the US is frankly criminal with how low it is. who can live on $7.25/hour or is it more now?

and when you consider you need to make over $30/hour to actually be able to live in DC i have to laugh at the incongruity of it all. do we even see ourselves as human beings anymore?

anyhow, i think apprenticeships have their place though none of my internships actually paid me any money, yet i was supposed to be extremely grateful for them (insert face palm here). i did appreciate the experience but respect your students enough to pay them what they’re worth. because, to put it frankly there is no such thing as a meritocracy, when hard work just ain’t enough anymore.