<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/none/">None</a>

an empty, cavernous space where something should be. this word is hard to write about much less describe. can you know “none”? it seems like none is one of those words that has to be explained in term of something else. but maybe that’s all words actually. but i only know none because i have experienced some, if i just existed in none that would be life as i knew it.

but could i know it? how would i?

better not go too deep, i always end up confusing myself.


it reminds me of when i’m running and this is a close out of body experience, in a sublime way, because here i am running and i simultaneously feel the hard edges of everything that makes me human; but the faster i go the more i become erased not human but running itself. so i am none.

and that’s nice sometimes.