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son of a gun. how do they always find me? it’s just too real.

and precisely because i do not want to write about this word is the one reason i absolutely need to. to be quite honest, i struggle a lot with not being bitter. for a bleeding-heart liberal, feminist the state of things as they ebb and flow are particularly hard for me to witness. and i would rather that these various situations give me courage to continue to support justice and not be a justification for a bad attitude. i speak specifically for this oppression of people that are not rich, straight, white males that seems to ongoing and the longer i am alive the more my eyes are getting opened to all the different forms of oppression that are out there.

to be fair, i don’t think the patriarchy does any good for rich, straight, white males in the long run either. on the surface their oppression is not easy to see but they are oppressed too, in different ways. anyhow, i have to fight constantly this inner pull to not give in and be bitter with the negative things that seem to be so rampant in this world. it is a constant struggle of perspective and realizing that i can live in joy without forgetting those who suffer. my joy does not diminish anyone’s suffering nor does it equate to willful ignorance. and i think by choosing to live joyfully that helps alleviate the suffering of other people because it’s better to spread love than negativity.

i find more reasons to be joyful than to be bitter when i add it all up and that’s a relief. i don’t want to be a bitter person but sometimes it’s painful to acknowledge the ways in which i hold on to bitter attitudes. i have to be open minded to living a different way and that can be the most challenging thing to embrace.