i like this word, it’s very purposeful and full of action, of accomplishment. maybe, it’s easier to write about accomplishment and doing something than it is to admit that i’m very much in a recuperative, waiting stage of my life right now. i am between work and i’m having to come to terms with that and with re-learning how to accept help from the people in my life. it’s hard for me to ask for help and to receive it as well even when i really need it.

i guess i am pursuing an acceptance of help. i am pursuing a way of living that lets me let it be and practice compassion for myself and others. this word, pursue, is exciting because it implies that i don’t have to let things remain the same i can try new and different ideas, experiences, etc. this is an empowering word. it invites you into new adventures which is excellent because i try to avoid routines.

what else am i pursuing right now?

1) training for a 10k which means running more throughout the week. i used to run quite a bit when i was training for a 5k (yes, i know who trains for a 5k- this girl does HAHA!!) but now i’ve tapered off so i have to get back into gear

2) re-learning and expanding my knowledge of french. i have always loved this language so i downloaded some language apps (for free!) on my phone to get a better handle on it

3) i am always pursuing a deeper spiritual relationship with God and admittedly i have let that taper off too so i need to recommit to that. i get a lot of peace from knowing more about God and for someone with anxiety that is huge.

i’m really great at over-complicating things so i think my underlying pursuit is for a simple life lived in gratitude. which is the tallest mountain i could climb as a constant worrier. but i’m sure the views will be astounding from the top. and, actually they are because some days i do get there. ❤