Soul coffee breaks. a coffee break for my soul is what i’m starting to think of my time between work. and it is a reprieve from obligations and responsibilities of work that is not always productive-at least tangibly, but hopefully the work is productive in ways that matter more. it helps me learn and helps others see life in a different way, maybe a better way.

HAHA! i just looked up the word and it means a postponement of punishment. oh no! i don’t want work to be a punishment-tho i can’t deny that it often is to a lot of people. that’s funny and sad at the same time that i would jump to work and a break from it as a reprieve. i guess it’s a freudian slip because maybe i haven’t started to see work as something that can be enjoyable. or maybe i used to and just lost that ability-or buried it, so now i have to uncover it again.

i can’t imagine that many people are excited at dedicating their most productive years to paying bills though. hmm.

but i am one of the more dramatic individuals, innately melancholy and prone to romanticizing just about every situation into a tale of woe and subsequent heroics to emerge victorious from it. i guess that’s all i have to say about reprieve.

i hope your days is as magical as the stardust you’re made of. bises.