via Daily Prompt: Detonate

is this just another word for activate? i always am so good at getting started on a plan or project and find myself taking quite some time to finish it. it’s odd how things sound so promising at the beginning, maybe it’s the idea of starting over again-and it doesn’t take me long before i get bored with it and feel like moving on. or detonating it. [smirk]

i admire people who stick with a goal and persevere through hardships just to see it realized. i admire it and think it’s foolhardy at the same time. better to be flexible and go with the flow. it’s that fear of commitment, or maybe the fear of being committed to the wrong goal/project/path that has me changing so often to try something different. and i sometimes wonder if it’s just the different i like more than anything, of trying something new. i am very selective on the paths i choose to pursue to the end, however, and when i do choose i tend to accomplish what i set out to do, for better or worse.

it is nice not to be too attached to my plans though since they evolve…constantly. i like this definition of detonate though to thunder down and forth. maybe that’s the mistake in making plans, we give them too much power. and really they’re just castles in the sky. oh well-they are pretty for a while.