via Daily Prompt: Buff

there are quite a few meanings for this word, i like the being very knowledgeable about a particular subject explanation as i have always wanted this to be true of myself. but, i was never able to pin down exactly what i wanted to focus so deeply on and learn about. i like too many things so i’m recognizing that “jack of all trades” fits me better than a master of just one. for worse or better.

also, i’m terribly indecisive. i always am afraid of missing out by choosing just one thing and then it’s always that paralysis because i haven’t chosen i end up missing all the options. so ironic.

and where do people find all this extra time to focus so intently on one subject for a while? maybe i’m just easily distractable but time seems so ethereal and always disappearing.

the other definitions are not quite as exciting. i don’t put much emphasis on building muscle mass though i do like to be physically active.