it is my favorite day today…a rainy sunday. got some early morning work done dishes and sweeping and dusting and laundry. now relaxing as i look out the window at the grey and yellow sky-broken in half it looks like a winter sky and i like it. still distant, but one of my favorite seasons. i’m not much for sunny days but when i was living in a rainy city that’s all i could think of was a sunny day. but sometimes the sun seems too bright, too happy, too exposing. the rain can be more comforting in some ways.

i feel like i’m distant from a lot of things right now, like i’m playing truant from life-but….i’m getting a new perspective from this space of waiting. this expectancy. i’m getting back my sense of who i am. that has been extremely distant for quite some time and maybe it’s getting closer or at least the idea of it is getting closer. and i’ll take it. the sense of an idea seems to be progress.

i have been reading quite a bit of books lately and really enjoying that as well. as long as it’s a good book, but i suppose i like most of the books i read. oh and my phone came on friday-in case anyone was waiting for the latest installment on that saga. HAHA! it was hilarious because my mom said she heard something at the door and i said i had too but didn’t want to get too excited about it [i had been waiting ALL day at this point for the blessed arrival of my new piece of technology-i am a nerd]. so i raced upstairs opened the door and looked on the deck…and there was nothing so i happened to glance back up and saw the delivery man coming up the driveway with my package at that very moment! i laughed a little to myself and said to him that i had a premonition and VERY eagerly took the package from him to open inside. and it was there…my beautiful phone. ahhh my heart was full that day. [sigh]

my life is punctuated by more than new tech though so don’t worry. ❤ 🙂