i’m not really interested in being included in the mainstream of society. i like the fringes, the weirdos, the freaks, the underdogs. i don’t know if it’s because i myself do not feel fully included, or if i feel excluded because i opt out of these exchanges out of habit. probably, i do it to myself. LOL!

oy, whatever, i am a tender-hearted soul and i find the most tolerance for those types of people is not in the inner circle but in my wacky and beautiful home i create for myself with the people who know me best. and even them i shut out too much. i still have this core that i fiercely protect. i don’t know if i’m worried about it becoming diluted by someone else’s observation of it or what but i keep it to myself most of the time and then have this main Danielle that interacts with the world. and i don’t necessarily feel like that’s disingenuous because main Danielle is pretty cool and i am her so it’s not playing a part, it’s just another facet of my personality.

if you’re still with me, i think there are some for who this rings really true, like hitting the nail on the head. my tribe is very small and spread out but we always seem to find each other and in the meantime we protect our tender core and wait patiently for our soul brothers and sisters to make themselves known too so we can be apart of a community that understands what we can never, ever say.