what comes to mind is hair, buoyant, voluminous, luxurious hair. apparently, it’s an ingrained “beauty” standard. i’m putting beauty in quotes because i don’t believe in just one definition of what is beautiful, sometimes you need to do work to learn about how versatile and expansive beauty actually is. i also think of voluminous amounts of phone calls and emails to go through and return. i just tend to think of a mass of something when i think of volume, a great quantity of something tangible.

or volumes of books. i like books. i’m actually in the middle of a reading challenge for 2017 to read one book a week for the whole year. and i think it’s working because it’s motivating to finish some books i’ve had lying around for ages. i’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to reading which is why i’m probably such a slow reader. i feel like i have to be completely and utterly focused on the book before i can start reading otherwise it’s a waste of time. so thankfully, this challenge is helping me realize that’s just not true, nothing has to be perfectly in order for me to begin a task, project, book, etc. i just have to start it. so i’ve been working my way through volumes of books without waiting until all my predetermined conditions are perfect. i am certainly weird.