as usual i find my patience for injustices tapering off slowly but surely. i have an explosion of righteous indignation about once every hour or so i’ve noticed. my most recent one was at the cost of renewing my license which i decided to just go for the regular one and not the enhanced because the enhanced drivers license costs $143 for 6 years and i can just get a new passport for $135 for 10 years….who comes up with this crap?

i don’t think governments really care about their citizens at all anymore. we’re just a means to an end of getting more money for themselves. i hate money. it makes fools of us all. that’s probably over-dramatizing it though. taper, taper, taper, hmmm this word reminds me of those tape worms and that’s about all i can think about to associate with this word. ha-another funny story though from customer service happened to me yesterday and i’m not blaming anyone because it took me a while to connect the dots too so i’m sure they had no idea either. anyhow, i was chatting online with someone to get help with my phone which has not been allowing me to be heard on the other line when i place a call out. i can hear the other person just fine but they cannot hear me. i can also still accept calls so i’m gonna call that a win. i was asking if i could get a refund and the person then responded by saying i could CALL the claims department. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! i asked if they could not help me file the claim right now. and they said they did not have the tools to do so…..[just letting this sink in].

i then thanked them and got off the chat bubble. and then it hit me [i’m a slow and analytical thinker…] how am i supposed to call the claims department exactly with a phone that doesn’t allow me to be heard on outgoing calls? the parallels to my real life are just astounding. so i laugh because that’s better than crying. you know what’s not tapering off? the massive amounts of papercut hijinks i find myself in. and by papercut i mean all these little annoyances throughout the day, all these little challenges and minutiae that just go a little bit wrong and end up creating hysterical end results. maybe it’s just my mind grasping for meaning and patterns in profundity and profoundly boring situations. i’m never satisfied. i’m always looking for that mental stimulation. and that i wish would taper off but it does not. it begs and howls and screams.