lovely, lovely topic. i do enjoy a good toothbrush. i have a sonicare brush [that i was able to score for free!] that i currently use and appreciate. i’m very supportive now of preventative care when it comes to teeth after a cavity “experience” from not going to the dentist for six years. dental care is a blessing.

i’ve come to this strange crossroads, philosophically speaking, actually no i’m not at a crossroads, i’m way down that road, so far down i’m just a dot on the horizon. what i mean is that i don’t think dental care should be reserved for only those who can pay for it and pay a high amount at that. not quite as much as medical but still enough to create this divide between those who can afford to have teeth care and those who cannot [or whose employers do not cover it].

and that was putting it mildly-which i’ve learned to do with my maturity. HAHA!!!

i’ve been appreciating having a good toothbrush since i got back from my forays back East where i did have a toothbrush but it was not electric and i really do love my electric toothbrush.

toothbrushes remind me of job interviews too, so they make me somewhat nervous, also i don’t like going to the dentist really because it always reminds me of having cold, metal fingers poking in sensitive tooth crevices and it just makes me shiver. my most recent dental experiences [if you haven’t nodded off yet] have been a lot better.

alrighty then. good topic.