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Crisp crisp as the leaves in autumn falling on the sidewalk. reminds me of learning and possibilities and opportunities. i want to carry crisp with me everywhere i go even in the heat of a summer, suffocating neurons and synapses... Continue Reading →


Uniform this is one of those things that i always stumble into and then question whether or not i should continue to pursue...the uniformity of daily routine. although, technically each day is never really the same blah, blah, blah-every moment... Continue Reading →


Distant it is my favorite day today...a rainy sunday. got some early morning work done dishes and sweeping and dusting and laundry. now relaxing as i look out the window at the grey and yellow sky-broken in half it looks... Continue Reading →


Friend bundles of emotions today as i try and apply for a job and switch to a new phone plan. things that wouldn't faze someone else really become the mt. everest of the day for me. it's been high drama... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Buff

via Daily Prompt: Buff there are quite a few meanings for this word, i like the being very knowledgeable about a particular subject explanation as i have always wanted this to be true of myself. but, i was never able... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Detonate is this just another word for activate? i always am so good at getting started on a plan or project and find myself taking quite some time to finish it. it's odd how things sound so... Continue Reading →


Radiate another great word to write about. gentle, transforming, maybe it's more powerful because it's not forceful it's consuming without being possessive or oppressive. and i keep hearing more about the basis for people having this energy around them that... Continue Reading →


Reprieve Soul coffee breaks. a coffee break for my soul is what i'm starting to think of my time between work. and it is a reprieve from obligations and responsibilities of work that is not always productive-at least tangibly, but... Continue Reading →


Survive when i think of survival i think of endurance and of choice-i.e. choosing to get up, choosing to participate in life while i am still alive. maybe this means more to me because i work through depression and anxiety... Continue Reading →

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