Tenterhooks i am waiting on tenterhooks to pay off this credit card, hopefully this month. it's too easy to spend on these bad boys. however, i did not go out and buy coffee today. so it's the little things. i thought i had started a small pillow fire in my bed as i was lounging... Continue Reading →



One-Way one-way is an impossibility. there's never one-way of doing anything. there's always a million angles to come at something. which is why i think it's so difficult for me to make decisions because i feel compelled to analyze every possible scenario and it's respective outcomes and their ramifications and how that would make everyone... Continue Reading →


Bite i'm gonna get real with the feels so brace yourselves. bite is like the cancer that eats away at my mind telling me i'm not good enough, i can't do that one thing that everybody else is doing well enough to be important. and while it burns its way through the dark alleys and... Continue Reading →


Knit i'm having an incredible sense of deja vu. i once read somewhere that that's a sign up a brain lesion or something or brain damage. i really enjoy knitting. one of my friends is going to teach me how to knit slippers which i find fascinating. could help with that brain thing too...i found... Continue Reading →


Percussive now i'm almost certain we're starting to repeat words. how long have i been doing this for? this word does not really move me to lyricism. sadly. how do you wax poetic about a word that means clanging? maybe that's the poetry of it. oh this one's a good definition, when a solid object... Continue Reading →


Underdog yusssss!!!! i have been waiting for this beauty. it seems like we already had this word before? it is one of my favorites though. underdogs are a gleaming, beacon of awesomeness we walk to when nothing seems to make sense anymore. underdogs show me i fit in somewhere by not fitting in anywhere. underdogs... Continue Reading →


Clutch i have undergone a very ennui month of writing without any kind of self-censorship, laying every single titillating thought down on paper and then crying afterwards because some things are very, very hard to write. i have been in the clutches of writing my book for nanowrimo. and i have reached my word count.... Continue Reading →


Sting sting is like the truth of something you'd rather not know about. the comfortable floating that led you straight to the center of what you had been avoiding. it's the hot breath on the back of your neck, oppressive and thick, sumptuous and vulgar. sting is a the sharp crack of lemon on a... Continue Reading →


Pamper this almost seems like a dirty word and i don't know if that's because i associate it with diapers, which are literally dirty, or because i've unfortunately fallen under the spell of the puritan patriotism that is rotting my beloved country from its core outward, the mentality that you're not supposed to take the... Continue Reading →

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